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TheCryptoURL shortens your URL to a compact and accessible size, our objective is to enable people everywhere to keep their URL, Simple, Short and Concise. TheCryptoURL transforms your wordy links to short ones that can be easily shared and texted, emailed or tweeted, giving you an abbreviated alternative that directs you to the same page. Short links are improving user experience while accelerating innovation.

What is Link-Shortening and Why It Should Concern you:

Every now and then we might have to share a URL, for either referencing or as a source, the two hundred and forty-three words long URL doesn’t appeal to the eye or fit in the document you are using it in, whether a Curriculum Vitae or a research project. That is where link-shortening comes into play, it works by substantially reducing the URL (Uniform Source Locator), all while directing to the same source as it previously did. The primary objective of link-shortening is to make your URL decent-sized and accessible, not to mention making it easier to reference certain links in a concise and aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Dealing with documents that come with a word limit can turn out to be quite a conundrum, especially when half the words are just wordy links, Twitter users, writers, researchers and people adding reference links to their projects know the struggle all too well. TheCryptoURL shortens your URL to a compact and accessible size, leaving you with loads of space to write the important details required. Allowing you to achieve a well-formatted, less cluttered and professional looking document or statement.  

Another benefit of link-shortening is making the new URL more manageable, from lengthy and messy URLs to simple and short ones. Giving you the opportunity to share the link without having to deal with its messed-up appearance. Tracking your link has never been easier while sharing different links, it’s quite common to lose your track and end up in a web page completely different than what you had originally intended to visit, this mishap can be easily avoided by using a short and concise URL. Shortening URLs also leads to aggregation of information; the more space you have the more content you can write in the given space. Linking different concepts altogether, while highlighting new ones, fitting multiple sources in one area, enveloping different ideas under a single umbrella, can all be accomplished by simply shortening the uniform source locator. 

The perceived benefits of link-shortening are no doubt, huge. However, they can prove to be beneficial for their users if they wish to accomplish the following objectives: 

TheCryptoURL Hidden Features & Much More!

TheCryptoURL links are shortened to links, links are highly accessible, decent-sized and manageable. With the help of TheCryptoURL you can turn: 


 To “” 

That is equivalent to saying “I’m a collection of enigmatic mysteries that dwell within the cosmetic space, yet I’m nothing compared to the enormity of this universe” instead of a simple “Hi! I’m John”.

TheCryptoURL lets you reach the same conclusion minus all the circumlocution, making it highly efficient in terms of use and time. That’s not all, TheCryptoURL comes equipped with wonderful features, some of which are stated below:

Advanced Analytics
Advanced Reporting & Analytics by continents, countries, states, cities, device type, device brand & device name.
What it does: 
This feature allows the user to use either autonomously or semi-autonomously examine the content to gain significant detail beyond that of traditional methods.

Social Media Counts
Display social media counts for most popular networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon & Reddit.
What it does:
If you are curious about how many shares your post has gotten, social media count is the feature you have been looking for. This feature enables you to see the number of shares on social sites.

Password Protect
Set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access.
What it does: 
This feature enables the users to encrypt their document by setting a password, protecting the URL from any third-party users.

Bundle your links for easy access and share them with the public.
What it does:
This feature enables the users to create a group of links altogether, making sharing on a single platform easy and convenient.

Comments System
The Comments box lets people comment on your links.
What it does: 
TheCryptoURL helps in keeping you connected with your friends and family, by allowing them to share their views and opinions on your link.

Advanced API System
API allows you to develop applications that interface with this service.
What it does: 
Application Programming Interface or API provides a platform to build a software application of your choice along with serving as a channel to connect you to different databases.

Mass Shrink
Mass shrink up to 20 URLs at a time.
What it does: 
This feature eliminates the repetitive act of converting multiple links, by converting them all at once.

Full Page Script
If you have a website with 100's or 1000's of links you want to change over to TheCryptoURL short links.
What it does: 
It allows you to convert multiple links to short, concise & everything nice versions of themselves. This feature promotes content sharing as it shortens links into decent-sized portions that the user will more likely visit in case of any queries.

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Published on: 7/14/17, 7:35 PM