TheCryptoChat - June 2017

Hey folks, this is our first entry for our blog, we would like to take this opportunity to firstly, try out this new tool available to us and also to give a bit of an update with regards to where we are, where we’ve been and we’ll touch a little on where we’ll be heading.
So it’s been around 10 months since we began, starting 3rd August 2016 and it’s been one hell of a journey so far since those humble beginnings. 
For those of you that have been along for the journey since early on, we would like to thank each and every one of you for coming along for the ride.  As you will have seen, and as you will see if you spend more than 10 minutes with us in chat, we get frequent sign ups from new users and as a consequence, this results in larger traffic numbers, this isn’t unusual and as we continue to grow we will begin to see this happen more and more.
TheCryptoChat is starting to become very popular, which is definitely something we’ve been aiming as well as trying our best to prepare for and with this increase in traffic along with the strain it can put on our server(s)  we have to sometimes make decisions and ultimately changes to our set-up and we feel it’s important to touch on and to remind users that, when we make changes to the site, User experience is always a priority to us and of course, sometimes the features, tools and changes we roll out don’t have an immediately obvious user advantage such as our new in-chat link shortening powered by TheCryptoURL (where you’re reading this article) and the way in which we’ve introduced this into chat as a default setting has irked some users, but we feel it is a necessary evil and we shall elaborate on this now.
So, as was previously mentioned, user growth and site traffic are at an all time high for us right now (hitting a high of 260K page views this week), you may have noticed on occasion that the site, lately has been suffering from some slowdown, lag, etc… on the main server for the chat, this, is as a consequence of growth and we’re slowly reaching the limits for this server, which, of course we will have to upgrade in the not-too-distant future and in the meantime we will continue to tweak settings until there are no more settings left to tweak.  However, as we grow, as we upgrade servers, we have to bear the cost, and of course, with things like the faucets which we offer freely and which has the largest portion of site traffic, we have to make changes to help monetize the site, to ensure we can keep this site running and continue to provide this useful platform for the community.
As it turns out, in addition to our sites amazing growth and our new found popularity we have recently become a victim of an sql injection attack on our server, we have been investigating and are continuing to investigate this matter, we managed to successfully stop it at one point and the chat lag had subsided but it would appear as though the hacker(s) responsible are having another try, we are still working now to resolve this, the result of this hack bears similar hallmarks to a DDOS as it is effectively resulting in an overload on the server resulting in delays to messages when you post. No personal data has been breached, we have looked at examples of some of the hackers code and it is designed purely to cause delays on the server, we are working on counter-measures to stop and to prevent this, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and we will do everything we can to prevent this.
On top of all of these recent, ongoing problems that we are working to resolve, we are also amidst a server migration at present for our Block Explorers, we have outgrown the server we’ve been using for those and as a consequence of this migration the new explorers will each have their own dedicated IP addresses, in essence each has it’s own server, this migration is a slow, tedious process and is necessary to ensuring we can continue to provide a great hosting platform for those that require explorers. Faucets at present we have fallen a little behind with those, apologies for the inconvenience and delay we’ll be back on track with those in the near future as we make some rearrangements behind the scenes to accommodate for the changes and growth.
As you can appreciate guys, with all that’s happening right now, we still plan to roll out our future releases, such as Chess, our Sports Betting Tips system in conjunction with VFAtrader and Ivakar, more details on this as we get closer to release, so bear with us whilst we work to bring lots of cool things to TheCryptoChat.
Thank you again guys and stick around for all the latest cool news we will be making more announcements relating to our plans throughout the summer as there are some cool and interesting events on-site lined up.
From TheCryptoChat team.


Published on: 6/23/17, 8:28 PM